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Respect herself to hold off on the sex….

I often hear that statement right before some guy tries to stick his hands down my pants….

Now I have a pretty high sex drive not going to lie, also I am super affectionate.

"I want to meet a girl who respects herself." She wants to have sex with you thus she doesn’t respect herself.

Maybe she freaking likes you, you ungrateful little bitch.  

and its her job to stop you when your grabbing on her, 

for me personally a guy I was super hard crushing on told him, I had these feelings and I was intimidated (not something that happens often for me) He took advantage of that. Now I am the only one to blame cause I didn’t say no 

Frankly women have more nerve endings down there, it is hard to cut someone off done it a lot in my day cause frankly I don’t like a lot of people. but when you do. women generally getting hornier faster and stay hornier for longer. Guys are just jerks with no self control yet we as women should have low sex drives and little sex as possible and it should hurt every time and his pleasure is all that matters. 

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